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Confused? Here's a list of characters in the fics.

Welcome to the Cast profiles! I put up this page in a response to an email I recieved, saying that the person found a fic that she liked, but didn't have a clue who the characters were. So, I made profiles for each character that appears in the fics. These are arranged alphabetically by first name.
Note: I only have profiles for characters who are in the pairing list. See Fan Works for the list.
        NAME: AndrAIa (last name unknown)
AGE: Unknown. I'm assuming twenty
RACE: Game Sprite
HEIGHT: 6'4''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Trident. (though I like to use the sword in my fics)
NICKNAMES: Andi, Andre, Dray, DrAIa
QUOTE: "Now that's a nice bike."
OTHER: Great with computers; has gold scales on her back; usually kind and gentle, can be sarcastic; loves the water; fierce warrior in battle; loves motorcycles. 
NAME: Liam (last name unknown)
AGE: Debated over. Around 243.
RACE: Vampire
HEIGHT: 6' (?)
NICKNAMES: Angel, Angelus, Deadboy, Peaches, Brood Boy, etc.
QUOTE: "It's not the demon inside me that needs killing, it's the man."
OTHER: Souled vampire; has a curse: if he has one moment of true happiness, he will lose his soul; known as Angelus when evil; immortal; broods a lot; grandsire to Spike; has his own investigation agency: Angel Investigations; coffee makes him jittery; has son named Connor. 
NAME: Aragorn Telcontar
AGE: Exact unknown, mid-eighties
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 6'4"
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Longsword (Anduril)
NICKNAMES: Estel, Elessar, Wingfoot, Longshanks, Isildur's Heir, Son of Arathorn, Strider (I probably missed some)
QUOTE: "I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will."
OTHER: Has Elven-blood in him; Ranger; King of Gondor; foster-son of Lord Elrond; was raised by elves; one of the Fellowship; assumed to have grown up with Legolas; has waaaay too many nicknames.
NAME: Bob (last name is one of the Great ReBoot Mysteries)
AGE: Mid-late twenties
RACE: Data Sprite
HEIGHT: 6'2''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Glitch. (keytool)
NICKNAMES: Guardian 452
QUOTE: "This is bad, very bad!"
OTHER: Mainframe's Guardian; young Enzo's hero; has good sense of humor; once merged with his keytool; was lost in the web until was found by Matrix and AndrAIa; keytool's name is Glitch; REALLY bad singer; knows how to play guitar; car always breaks down. 
NAME: Buffy Anne Summers
AGE: 21
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'6''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Crossbow, Mr. Pointy (stake)
NICKNAMES: Slayer, Buff, Buffster, Anne
QUOTE: "I'm the Slayer. Slay-er. Chosen One? She who hangs out a lot in cemetaries? Ask around. Look it up: 'Slayer comma The.'" 
OTHER: The Vampire Slayer; has died twice; loves the ice show; sister to Dawn; parents are divorced; mother died; currently works at the Doublemeat Palace; doesn't have good luck with guys; attends classes (sometimes) at UC Sunnydale.
NAME: Dot Matrix
AGE: Mid-late twenties.
RACE: Data Sprite
HEIGHT: 5'9''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Doesn't use one usually, only seen her with a gun.
NICKNAMES: Sis, Miss-Works-Too-Much, Workaholic, Commander Matrix.
QUOTE: "It's payback time."
OTHER: of Mainframe; Enzo's older sister; works a lot; owns a diner in Baudway: Dot's Diner; almost married the virus Megabyte by mistake; was a punk when she was a teenager.
NAME: Duo Maxwell
AGE: 16 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'3''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Scythe, Gun, Gundam Deathscythe
NICKNAMES: Braid Boy, Shinigami, the Great Destroyer, Braided Baka
QUOTE: "I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie."
OTHER: Pilot 02 of Gundam Deathscythe Hell; has a 3 foot long braid; annoying in battle; loud; the joker of the G-Boys; was raised on Colony L2 by the Maxwell Church, orphaned; American; stealth operator; is good with explosives.
NAME: Frodo Baggins
AGE: 50 at beginning of Fellowship.
RACE: Hobbit
HEIGHT: 3'9''
NICKNAMES: Ringbearer, Mr. Frodo
QUOTE: "I shall take the Ring to Mordor; but I do not know the way."
OTHER: The Ringbearer of the Fellowship; Bilbo Baggins' nephew; orphaned; thinner than most hobbits; only has nine fingers; wealthy; owns Bag End.
NAME: Heero Yuy
AGE: 16 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'3''
NICKNAMES: Spandex Boy, The Perfect Soldier
QUOTE: "Mission accepted."
OTHER: Pilot 01 of Wing Gundam Zero; will do anything to complete a mission; is Relena's bodyguard; orphaned; Japanese; was raised by the assassin Odin Lowe on Colony L1.
NAME: Legolas Greenleaf
AGE: 2,931
RACE: Sylvan Elf
HEIGHT: 6'4''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Bow, sometimes twin daggers
NICKNAMES: Greenleaf, Prince.
QUOTE: "Something draws near, I can feel it."
OTHER: Prince of the Mirkwood elves; son of King Thranduil; one of the Fellowship; normally quiet; best friends with Aragorn; can hit an orc in the eye with an arrow from a great distance; immortal.
NAME: Link (last name unknown)
AGE: 17
RACE: Hylian
HEIGHT: 6'1''
NICKNAMES: Hero of Time, Fairy Boy (referring to Navi, the fairy)
QUOTE: Never speaks in the game
OTHER: Was raised by the elf-like Kokiri; has a fairy companion named Navi; guards Princess Zelda; possesses the Triforce of Courage; the Hero of Time.
NAME: Enzo Matrix
AGE: 22
RACE: Data Sprite
HEIGHT: 6'10''
NICKNAMES: Matrix, Sparky
QUOTE: "There's no Guardian here. I'm Matrix, the renegade."
OTHER: Was lost in the Games when he was 10; only AndrAIa, Bob and Dot call him Enzo; is a Guardian Cadet; very short temper; doesn't trust many people; lost his right eye in a game; loves to fight.
NAME: Chang Meilan
AGE: 14
RACE: Human
QUOTE: "I am Justice!"
OTHER: Deceased; was Wufei's wife; didn't really like Wufei; was a fighter; believed strongly in justice; stole ShenLong to protect her colony (L5).
NAME: Meriadoc Brandybuck
AGE: 33
RACE: Hobbit
HEIGHT: 4'5''
NICKNAMES: Merry, Master Brandybuck
QUOTE: "I do not wish to stay- I would not be included in all the songs and tales only to have them say I was always left behind."
OTHER: Tallest hobbit ever; thinner than most hobbits; best friends with Pippin; one of the Fellowship; Knight of Rohan; prankster;
NAME: Mouse
AGE: Mid twenties
RACE: Data Sprite
HEIGHT: 5'9''
QUOTE: "Yes, Sugah?"
OTHER: Mercenary; not much info is known about her; had a brief thing with Bob; once tried to take over Enzo's brain; works with the Mainframers now; has fangs; has a ship called, 'Ship'; expert in stealth.
NAME: Lucrezia Noin
AGE: 20 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'4''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Taurus Mobile Suit, Gun
NICKNAMES: Noin, Lu, Preventer Fire
QUOTE: "Glad to know some people will never change."
OTHER: Used to work for OZ, now with the Preventers; devoted to Zechs; they trained at Lake Victoria together; was high-ranked when she was in OZ; assists Queen Relena; Partnered to Zechs in Preventers
NAME: Peregrin Took
AGE: 30
RACE: Hobbit
HEIGHT: 4'4''
NICKNAMES: Pippin, Pip
QUOTE: "You're gonna need people of intelligence on this mission... quest... thing."
OTHER: Merry's best friend; always hungry; prankster; one of the Fellowship; Knight of Gondor; Scottish accent; taller and thinner than most hobbits.
NAME: Quatre Raberba Winner
AGE: 16 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'2''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Gundam Sandrock
NICKNAMES: Quat, Q-Man, Q, Little One, Master Quatre, Angel, Desert Noble.
QUOTE: "To outer space, every one of us!"
OTHER: Pacifist; Pilot 04 of Gundam Sandrock; raised on Colony L4; mother died in childbirth; has 29 sisters (test-tube); plays violin; Arabian; is watched over by the 40 Maganaucs.
NAME: Ray Tracer
AGE: Mid-twenties
RACE: Data Sprite
HEIGHT: 6'3''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: His surfboard, his own power.
QUOTE: "No worries mate."
OTHER: Web Surfer, search engine; had a crush on AndrAIa; doesn't get along with Matrix; Australian; helps Matrix, AndrAIa and Bob get home; carefree; doesn't speak in the two movies;
NAME: Relena Peacecraft
AGE: 16 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'2''
NICKNAMES: Queen Relena
QUOTE: "My name is Relena Dorlian, and you are?"
OTHER: Queen; pacifist; friends with Noin and Sally; used to practically stalk Heero; recently orphaned.
NAME: Riley Finn
AGE: 22
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 6'5''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Automatic rifle
NICKNAMES: Iowa, Soldier Boy, Agent Finn
QUOTE: "So, are you girls taking Into Psych, or do you just want me dead?"
OTHER: Soldier in the top-secret government organization: The Initiative; joined the Scooby Gang; was a TA in UC Sunnydale; is married now (fanfic, anyone? ^_^) was born and raised in Iowa; optimistic;
NAME: Ryoko Hakubi
AGE: Over 5,000
RACE: Demon
HEIGHT: 5'10''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Herself, her beam sword
QUOTE: "Every day is like a dream."
OTHER: Short temper; sarcastic; always ready to fight; space pirate; owns cabbit ship called 'Ryo-ohki'; name means 'Demon Caller'; has many powers such as unleashing balls of energy, a beam sword, creating a double of herself, materializing, shooting hair needles, etc.
NAME: Sally Po
AGE: 20 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'5''
NICKNAMES: Preventer Fire
QUOTE: "Wanna join me in the Preventers?"
OTHER: Medic; part Chinese; partnered to Wufei in the Preventers; pilot; Noin's best friend; easy-going.
NAME: Samwise Gamgee
AGE: Mid forties
RACE: Hobbit
HEIGHT: 3'11''
QUOTE: "I'm just remembering what Gandalf said. 'Don't you lose him, Samwise Gamgee.' And I mean not to."
OTHER: Frodo's gardener and best friend; one of the Fellowship; took over Bag End after Frodo left; cooks a lot; came from a middle-class family.
NAME: William (last name unknown)
AGE: 123
RACE: Vampire
HEIGHT: 5'8''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Railroad spikes, his fangs
NICKNAMES: Spike, William the Bloody, Bleach Boy, The Bleached Wonder, Captain Peroxide, Evil Undead, Deadboy Junior
QUOTE: "It's time to have a little less routine and start having a little more fun 'round 'ere."
OTHER: Has a chip in his head that causes pain if he tries to hurt humans; called 'William the Bloody' when he was human because of his bloody awful poetry; British; loves the soap opera 'Passions' and 'Dawson's Creek'; very sarcastic; loves spicy buffalo wings and the bloomin' onion; punk; loves the Sex Pistols and the Ramones; Mamma's Boy.
NAME: Tara Maclay
AGE: 21
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'8''
QUOTE: "I was just afraid that if you saw the people I came from, you wouldn't wanna be anywhere near me."
OTHER: Wiccan; shy; stutters sometimes; family told her she was a demon; owns a kitten, Miss Kitty Fantastico; one of the Scooby Gang.
NAME: Tenchi Masaki
AGE: 17
RACE: Half-Juraian, half-human
HEIGHT: 5'9''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Energy sword
NICKNAMES: Lord Tenchi
QUOTE: "I'm no ghost!"
OTHER: Heir to the throne of the planet Jurai; lives with six alien women; shy; lives in Okayama Japan; swordsman; trains with his grandfather.
NAME: Triton Bloom
AGE: 17 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'4''
NICKNAMES: Trowa Barton (alias), Nanashi, No-name, the Silencer, Bang Boy, the Silent Wonder.
QUOTE: "..." (usually is silent)
OTHER: Works at the circus with his sister, Catherine; orphaned; uses the name Trowa Barton instead of Triton; plays the flute; pilot 03 of Gundam Heavyarms.
NAME: Willow Rosenberg
AGE: 21
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'8''
NICKNAMES: Wills, Will, Red
QUOTE: "Bored now."
OTHER: Wiccan; once went too far into the black magicks; Xander's best friend since preschool; other best friend, Jesse, was killed; straight-A student; attends UC Sunnydale; lives with Buffy.
NAME: Chang Wufei
AGE: 16 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 5'2''
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Katana, Altron Gundam
NICKNAMES: Wu, Wu-man, 'Fei, Chang, Wuffie, Wuffers, The Solitary Dragon, Dragon, Justice Boy
QUOTE: "You thought I was a kid and you underestimated me."
OTHER: Pilot 05 of Altron Gundam; Chinese; was married when he was 14; wife died; rants about Justice; doesn't like women; well-versed in martial arts; was a scholar.
NAME: Alexander LaVelle Harris
AGE: 22
RACE: Human
HEIGHT: 6'1''
NICKNAMES: Xander, Xan, X-Man, Xan-Man, the Zeppo, Nummy Treat, Donut Boy, the White Knight, Harris, the Loyal 
QUOTE: "I laugh in the face of danger; then I hid until it goes away."
OTHER: Is a carpenter; the Pure one of the Scooby Gang; a demon magnet; the jokester; afraid of being alone; came from an abusive family; used to live in his parents' basement; almost married the demon, Anya.
NAME: Milliado Peacecraft
AGE: 20 (at the end of Endless Waltz)
RACE: Human
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Gundam Tallgeese
NICKNAMES: Zechs Merquise (alias), the Lightning Baron, Preventer Wind
QUOTE: "Space calls out to humans. And the earth tries to pull us back down, saying that we what we are doing is wrong..."
OTHER: Pilot 06 of Gundam Tallgeese III; used to be an officer in OZ; works for the Preventers; partnered with Noin; Relena's older brother; doesn't really like Heero.
NAME: Zelda (last name unknown)
AGE: 17
RACE: Hylian
HEIGHT: 5'9''
NICKNAMES: Sheik, Zel, Princess of Destiny, Sage of Light.
QUOTE: "Ganon doesn't know what we're planning... yet."
OTHER: Princess of Hyrule; went under the alias of Sheik to protect Link from Ganon; became the Sage of Light; owns the Triforce of Wisdom and Power.

Disclaimer: No mine.