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Kura's Fic...

Seeing Double
By: Kura
The Secret
     The fluid in the tank was calm, every now and then rippling as an air bubble rose. The tank's only contents other than the stasis fluid was a body, female with deep purple skin and jet black hair floating lightly and obscuring her face from view. She showed no signs of life.
     Megabyte placed his hand on the glass, staring at the figure in the tank. "Herr Doktor, is everything complete?"
     "Of course, my lord Megabyte. All we need now is the code." The viral doctor grinned proudly, hoping for praise from the virus.
     "I need to find the source first before I can get the code, you idiot." Megabyte snarled, his eyes glowing in anger.
     The binome bowed clumsily, "Of...of course, my lord."
     "Leave." The claws came out threateningly.
     Herr Doktor scurried out of the room quickly without another word.
     Megabyte retracted his claws and turned his eyes back to the tank. He brought his hand up again and traced the edge of the woman's cheek on the glass with a finger. "Soon enough," he whispered.
     He sighed quietly to himself and left the lab after making sure everything was in order. The door swished closed and he entered the lock code, securing the room.
     He had to get back to the Principle Office and find out the status on the search for Dot Matrix and her pathetic rebels.
     The virus didn't return for a very long time and soon the woman in the tank was forgotten. But her day would come....