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Kura's Fic...

Title: Crazy Antics 1/?
Author: Kura
Rating: R (might change in later chapters)
Pairing: Frodo/Sam (although there is some
Archive: Just ask.
Summary: Merry and Pippin devise a little scheme to
help Frodo with amusing results.
Feedback: Definitely welcome!
A/N: I'll be changing POV's in further chapters. This
first installment will be from Pippin's POV. Hope I do
him justice. ;)

Crazy Antics 1/?
by Kura

"Now really, Merry, are you sure this'll work?"
Normally, I give him the benefit of the doubt when he
has a new idea for a prank (hell, more often than not
I launch head first into planning for them), but this
time I'm not so sure.

"Of course it will, Pip. When has one of my ideas ever
failed?" There's that smirk again. That self-assured,
devilish smirk that drew me to him in the first place.
Does he really believe I won't rise to his little
challenge? After all these years he should know

"How about the time you convinced me to help you steal
one of Gandalf's fireworks at Bilbo's birthday party?"
Not that it hadn't been a fabulous idea, but washing
dishes for the remainder of the night wasn't exactly
what I'd had in mind to help old Bilbo celebrate.

"Hey, it worked, didn't it? That dragon certainly got
everyone's attention."

"Yes, indeed it did. Including Gandalf's." Ha! He
absolutely hates it when I'm right. I, on the other
hand, am rather fond of it.

The smirk fades for a moment then returns full force.
Oh dear, I believe young Mr. Brandybuck has thought of
a comeback.

"Well, Pip, how many times can you say my ideas have
been for the benefit of others?"

That's certainly a simple question to answer. "None,
actually. Unless you count all the times you've shared
food with me after you came up with those different
ways to 'borrow' from Farmer Maggot." That had been
rather nice of him, but technically since I helped to
do the 'borrowing' I was at least entitled to some of

Merry comes and sits down next to me, putting his arm
around my shoulders. I can't help noticing the twinkle
in his eyes and have to control the feelings it
invokes in me. Surely he knows what he does to me when
he looks like that. I sense an impending surrender on
my part followed by an excessive amount of mischief.

"Consider this a first then. It's the first occasion
where I, Meriadoc Brandybuck, the most fun-loving
prankster in the Shire, put aside my love of practical
jokes and focus my energy on helping others more
unfortunate than myself." I swear he could charm Ted
Sandyman out of the entire contents of his mill if he
tried hard enough. I've still got my doubts though.
Mother always said I'm the stubborn one in the family.

"Merry, I hardly think Cousin Frodo is unfortunate. At
least that's certainly not a term I would use to
describe him." I've lost, I can see it in his eyes.
Yet strangely, a part of me isn't all that displeased.

"Oh, he certainly is, Pip. You know it and I know it.
The sooner we do something about it, the happier dear
Frodo will be."

"But honestly, play matchmaker? Where in Middle Earth
did you come up with that idea?" So I've still got
some fight left in me. I'm a Took, I'm not supposed to
give in easily.

"I came up with it about an hour ago now that you
mention it." Ah, so that explains why he's so excited.
It's still a fresh idea and Lord and Lady help me,
there's that damned grin again. I'm done trying and
heave a sigh of defeat.

"Alright, fine. How do you propose we go about this?
And who could we match with Frodo?" I immediately
start a list in my head of all the available lasses I
can think of, but his response stops me short.

"We go about it carefully, my love. And I myself
believe Frodo and Sam would make a wonderful match."
He can't be serious...

"You can't be serious..."

"On the contrary, I'm very serious." My eyebrow inches
up slightly at that.

"Frodo and Sam...a couple? But, Merry, what makes you
think they' us?" I'm not exactly known for my
eloquence, but he's successfully managed to completely
shock me.

"Just trust me on this, Pip." He winks then leans over
and gently places a kiss on my lips. Yes, I'd say I'm
in trouble...

T. B. C.

Sorry for the cliffie. If you like it, review and I'll
gladly write more. Thanks for reading!