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Dancetomato's Fanfiction
Buffy fic. Spike/Xander. PG-13 so far, NC-17 overall. General/Romance. Xander has a surprising encounter in his new hometown 5 years after Sunnydale went the way of Atlantis. WIP.
HathorC's Fanfiction Visit her Site!
Lord of the Rings fic. Aragorn/Legolas. Rated R. Romance, First Time. Aragorn turns to Legolas for strength as they wait and prepare to wage battle at Hornburg.
Kura's Fanfiction
ReBoot fic. Bob/Dot currently. Unfinished. General and G so far. Bob tries to figure out how to tell Dot how he feels about her.
ReBoot ficlet. Bob/Dot. General/Angst. Rated PG. Dot's thoughts and emotions during 'Trust No One.'
ReBoot fic. Bob/Dot. General and G so far. Unfinished. Megabyte has a new surprise in store for the Mainframers. Knowing him, it's not gonna be good.
Lord of the Rings fic. Legolas/Frodo. Rated PG. Romance. A short poem showing Legolas' thoughts on Frodo.
Lord of the Rings fic. Frodo/Sam. Rated PG. General. What if the Ring had an even stronger influence on Frodo than everyone realized?
Lord of the Rings fic. Frodo/Sam (kinda Sam/Rosie, too). Rated PG. Angst. Frodo's final words to Sam as he departs for the Grey Havens.
Lord of the Rings fic. Frodo/Sam, Merry/Pippin. Rated R (might change in later chapters.) Romance/Humor. Merry and Pippin devise a scheme to help Frodo with some amusing results. WIP.
Lord of the Rings fic. Aragorn/Legolas (some Aragorn/Arwen). Rated PG. A short poem showing Aragorn's troubled thoughts on two very different, yet equally important elves.
RPS fic. Sean Astin/Elijah Wood. Rated PG. Humor. Elijah serves as Sean's personal alarm clock with interesting results.
LadySita's Fanart
Meiran's Fanfiction Visit her site!
Sappy Gundam fic. 3+4 Rated G.  General/Romance Trowa watches the sunrise... alone?
Gundam fic. 3+4. Angst/Sap Rated PG. Trowa's sent Quatre to the hospital in a fearfilled reaction to the word "love." Now what does Quatre feel? And will Trowa ever be able to be near him again? Possible OOC
Solo's Fanfiction
Very cute fic. One of my favs that she's done. Major X-over. X-men, LotR and Gundam. Implied Aragorn/Legolas and Merry/Pippin. Remy, the G-boys and part of the Fellowship try to make the world a better place.
Val's Fanfiction
Very cute ReBoot fic. Rated PG. General. Matrix and AndrAIa do some spring cleaning.