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Someone Like You 
By: Dragonmaster

"Hey, are you okay, Legolas?"

I turned at the sound of someone approaching. It was the Ring-Bearer, Frodo Baggins. It had been two days after we had formed what Lord Elrond had called the 'company of the Ring' and in that time, we had all gotten to know each other pretty well. As much as I liked and trusted Frodo, I wasn't about to tell him the secret I had been guarding for years. 

"I'm fine Frodo."

So many times, 
I thought I held it in my hands 
But just like grains of sand, 
Love slipped through my fingers

Frodo raised an eyebrow and sat down next to me. "You're lying." I stared at him, wondering how he could read my emotions so easily. "I can see it in your eyes. It has to do with one of the fellowship, doesn't it?"
I sighed. There was no use in denying it now. "Yes, Aragorn," I said, watching his reaction carefully. The hobbit merely smiled and gestured for me to continue. 

"I was surprised to see him arrive with you and the others; it was the first time I had seen him in sixty years. Now I find out he's to be wedded to Arwen Undomiel," I said with another sigh. 

"I had a feeling it was something like that," Frodo replied. "Well my friend, the only advice I can give you is something my uncle Bilbo told me when I came to him about a similar situation. Trust your heart, your mind may make you see things differently, but your heart will guide you." With that, he got up and turned to leave. "Good luck, Prince."

And so many nights 
I asked the lord above, 
Please make me lucky enough 
To find a love that lingers

Even though we were leaving the next morning at dawn, I did not go right to sleep after I had packed my things. Instead, I walked down to the riverbank and sat on a rock, looking up at the stars. 
After a moment or two, I heard someone approach. It was the very Man I had been thinking of; Aragorn. He looked worn and stressed as he came to a stop beside me. 

'You should be resting, old friend,' Aragorn said quietly. I looked over at the dark-haired mortal, admiring his profile in the moonlight. 

'Speak for yourself,' I retorted, smiling at the old friend remark. Though they were rare now, these moments were the ones I lived for; just Aragorn and myself, alone, without any worries. Our eyes met briefly, then I looked away quickly. 

'This will be a difficult quest,' Aragorn commented after a moment. 'However, I will  rest easier knowing that your bow and keen senses will be there.' 
I flushed a little at the praise. 'I too will rest easier knowing that you will be there as well, Estel,' I replied, using his Elven name.

Something keeps telling me 
That you could be my answered prayer 
You must be heaven sent I swear 

We talked for a few more minutes, then I turned to go back into my room. 

'Heading in?' Aragorn asked. 

I nodded. 'Aye. You should turn in as well.'

Aragorn nodded, held my gaze for a long moment, then reached out and touched my shoulder gently. I suppressed a shiver at his touch, then smiled at the human and went  inside. 

He was in my dreams that night.
Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak 
Something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak 
Could it be true this is what god has meant for me 
'Cause baby, I cant believe 
That something like you could happen to me 
Something like you

Aragorn ~ 

I watched him go. Part of me wanted to follow him back to his room and hold him in my arms all through the night, but the rational part of my mind killed that thought instantly. 
It was true, I did love Arwen, but I was in love with Legolas. I could finally admit that to myself. The love I had for Arwen was more of a sibling love. Of course, I hadn't told her that yet.
With a sigh, I turned and walked slowly back to my room, which, ironically, was right next to Legolas'. 

I stood there, looking at a sketch of Legolas that I had done years ago. I remembered my surprise when he had agreed to let me draw him; he had always been a solitary type of elf. Smiling, I ran the tips of my fingers lightly over the sketch.

Boy in your eyes 
I feel your fire burn 
All your secrets I will learn 
Even if it takes forever

A strangled cry jerked me out of my memories. Legolas! Tossing the sketch on my bed, I raced out of my room and into Legolas, Anduril drawn.  There was nobody in the room, save myself and the prince, who was tossing and turning in his bed, cursing in Elvish and occasionally I could hear my name among the curses. 
I moved closer, and Legolas' swearing turned into whimpers of pain. 'Please, no more. Leave Estel. If youre going to hurt anyone, Father, hurt me.' 

My eyes widened when I heard that. I always knew he didn't have a very good relationship with his father, King Thranduil of Mirkwood, but I was not expecting this.
Reaching out, I gently touched his shoulder, but he flinched away from my hand, growling slightly. 

'Legolas, it's Aragorn. Wake up love, it's just a dream,' I said quietly, letting the endearment slip out of my mouth before I could stop it. It seemed to calm him though.
His bright cobalt blue eyes opened a little. 

'Is this still a dream?' The prince of Elves whispered. 

'Yes. A good dream now,' I said soothingly, as if speaking to a child and brushed his hair away from his face. 
Legolas nodded. 'Stay? Please?' 

I smiled. I had almost forgotten the child-like innocence that the blond archer rarely showed. 'Alright.' I slipped into the bed beside him and felt him curl up against me, tucking his head in the crook of my neck. I held onto him, not wanting the night to end and momentarily forgetting about the quest.

With you by my side 
I can do anything 
I don't care what tomorrow brings 
As long as we're together

I woke just before the sun rose the next morning. Legolas was still curled up tightly against my chest, sound asleep. Carefully, I untangled myself and got up without waking the elf up. The last thing I wanted was for Legolas to wake up and see me in his bed. I planned to tell him of my feelings soon, but now was not the time. 

Picking Anduril up from the floor where I had dropped her the night before, I went back into my own room and packed up my possessions. I could see the others waiting for me out by the path. Grabbing a piece of fruit for my breakfast, I raced out the door to where the Fellowship was patiently waiting. Wonderful, I was late. There goes my dignity. 
Legolas smirked as I approached; the innocent young elf who was terrified of his drunken father was gone, the proud yet smug warrior was back. He didn't however, make eye contact with me.

'Decided to sleep in, Estel?' He asked in Common. 
I grinned at him and waved to Elrond, Arwen and the others who had come to see us off. Arwen smiled faintly at me, then her gaze flicked briefly toward Legolas, then back at me. I knew then that she had figured it out; this was her way of telling me that she accepted it. 

Our goodbyes were brief for Gandalf was eager to get moving. We formed a small line: Gandalf taking the lead, followed by Frodo and Sam with the pony, Bill, then Merry and Pippin sticking close together, then Boromir (whom I did not trust a bit), Gimli the Dwarf and Legolas. I brought up the rear. 

We stopped for lunch after a few hours. Sam handed me a plate of food to give to Legolas, who was standing watch by a large tree. 

'Your lunch, my Prince,' I said grinning at him. 

Legolas laughed and bowed. 'Thank ye, O Valiant Ranger,' he replied. As he reached out for the plate, his fingers brushed against mine for a second. He pulled away quickly and stared at the ground, but not before I caught a slight flush of color rise to his normally pale face.

My heart is telling me 
That you could be my meant-to-be. 
I know it more each time we touch 

'Sorry,' I murmured, looking anywhere but the elf. 

'S'okay,' Legolas returned, equally quiet. He got up and walked over to Frodo. He avoided me for the rest of the day.

* ~ * ~ * ~ *

With a yawn I spread out my bedroll between Legolas' and Merry and Pippin's. The two young hobbits were already fast asleep in each other's arms. Legolas was nowhere to be found. 

Tired as I was, I couldn't sleep without talking to Legolas. 

Getting up, I walked over to Frodo and Sam's bedroll. The Ring-Bearer always seemed to know where Legolas was, so I figured I'd ask him. 

I gently shook Frodo's shoulder, taking care not to wake up Sam. "Frodo, hey, wake up," I whispered. 

Frodo stirred and opened his eyes. "Strider? What's wrong?" he asked sleepily. 

"Nothing, I was just wondering if you had seen Legolas."

He smiled. Now I was getting a little suspicious. The raven-haired hobbit obviously knew something I didn't. "I saw him by those rocks a little while ago." I nodded, thanked him and stood.

Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak 
Something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak 
Could it be true this is what god has meant for me 
Cause baby, I can't believe 
That something like you could happen to me, yeah

Legolas ~ 

A soft tenor voice from behind me broke my thoughts. 'Mind if I join you?' 
I turned around to face Aragorn. 'I hate it when you do that,' I said, allowing myself a small smile. 

'Do what?' Aragorn asked, trying to look innocent. 

'Sneak up behind me from out of nowhere.' I rolled my eyes and turned away. I hadn't slept well since my dream the night before we left. My father had been trying to kill Aragorn for reasons unknown to me; then father was gone and Aragorn was with me, watching over me. 

I sighed. It was just a dream though. 
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aragorn shift uncomfortably. 'Legolas, I, we need to talk.'

I looked back over at him; his stormy gray eyes boring into my own. I released a breath that I hadn't realized Id been holding. 'Of course. What do you wish to talk about?' I asked, trying to sound casual.

Something magical (something magical) 
Something spiritual (something spiritual) 
Something stronger than the two of us alone, yeah

Aragorn continued to stare at me, then ran a hand through his dark, shaggy hair. 'Us, actually.' 
I blinked in surprise. Had he figured out how I felt? 'R-really?' I stammered, loosing all traces of dignity. I felt like I was only four hundred instead of almost three thousand. 

'Yeah,' Aragorn nodded. He looked about as uncomfortable as I felt. 'You know how you would always give me advice when I was young?' I nodded, and he took a deep breath, then continued. 'I broke the number one rule that you taught me, Legolas. I fell for my best friend.' 

I looked into his eyes, everything falling into place finally. 'The other night wasn't a dream, was it? You really stayed with me, didn't you?' Aragorn looked down, then nodded. 

Smiling, I caressed his cheek, then tipped his chin up so I could see his face. 'Aragorn, I think I broke my own rule as well.'

Something physical 
Something undeniable (something undeniable) 
You feel like anything that I've ever known

Aragorn reached up and covered my hand with his. He leaned in close and gently brushed his lips against mine before whispering, 'I love you.' 

'Love you too, Aragorn. Always,' I whispered back, before kissing him firmly, feeling his free hand coming up to tangle in my hair. 

We broke apart reluctantly. I silently cursed my need to breathe. Aragorn laughed.

'Come on, love. We'd best be back before dawn.' I nodded and followed the mortal back to camp, still gripping his hand tightly.

Something happens when you look at me I forget to speak 
Something happens when you kiss my mouth my knees get so weak 
Could it be true this is what god has meant for me 
Cause baby, I can't believe 
That something like you could happen to me
That night, as I lay in Aragorn's protective embrace, I was finally able to forget all my worries about the quest, my father, the One Ring and the Dark Lord. For once I was finally at peace.
I can't believe that you happened to me