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*Disclaimer: I don't own Tenchi Muyo. You know that, I know that, the whole universe knows that; so don't sue me.

Authors Note: This is pretty much Ryoko's thoughts on her life, the people she lives with and other random thoughts. PG for mild language, enjoy!

Midnight Thoughts

By: Dragonmaster

The most feared space pirate in the galaxy. Yep, that's me, or rather, was me. Ever since I was freed from that damn cave I just haven't been myself. I haven't had the urge to destroy or kill anything, well except maybe Ayeka. But even she isnt that bad sometimes. I actually kinda admire her for fighting with me; not many have the courage to fight a demon. She is fighting for Tenchi though, that thought alone is enough to make anyone feel brave.

Tenchi. Kuso, what is it about him? I'm not supposed to feel love. I was created for one purpose: to destroy. He's just so kind and gentle; whenever he looks at me with those warm, brown eyes, something just comes over me; it even makes me forget Kagato for a few moments, Hah. Listen to me, going on about love. What do I know about it? I don't deserve someone like Tenchi. Ayeka is right, yet I don't want to believe that damn princess. Ai shiteru Tenchi! There, I've said, and just like those other hundred times he won't believe it. Welcome to my world.

Sometimes I wonder why Ryo-Ohki and I have stayed here as long as we have. Actually, Ryo-Ohki isn't that hard to figure out. She's happy to stay here as long as Sasami's here. That and Tenchi's carrot fields. I guess I'm kinda jealous of her; she's made so many friends here and I'm always alone. It's not that I mind it that much, I'm a loner by nature.

I really don't know what to say about Washu. She says that she's my mother, but I don't know her that well. In a weird sort of way, I'm glad that we rescued her from Kagato's prison. It's nice to have someone to talk to.

As I lay here on the rooftop, I look out at the stars, hoping that one day, my life will make sense.