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Sonfic. Matrix/AndrAIa. Humor/Romance. Rated G. Matrix and AndrAIa are fighting, but can't stop thinking about each other.
Songfic. Matrix/AndrAIa. Romance. Rated PG. Set before "Icons", how Matrix and AndrAIa get together.
Humor. Rated PG-13 for language. Matrix/AndrAIa. Matrix narrates a few days in his life. 
LORD of the RINGS:
Songfic. Aragorn/Legolas, implied Frodo/Sam and Merry/Pippin. Romance. Rated PG. Aragorn and Legolas struggle with their growing feelings for each other.
Romance. Aragorn/Legolas, implied Merry/Pippin. Rated PG-13. Aragorn and Legolas share some time alone while waiting for Gondor to signal Rohan for help in The Return of the King.
General/Angst. Rated PG. Ryoko reflects on her life and the people she lives with one night. Ryoko's POV.
Sap. Rated PG for slashy-goodness and stupidly cute vampires. Spike/Xander. Xander muses at Buffy's sleepover. Seas. 5.
Angst/Romance. Rated R for slash, violence, language and torture sequences. Spike/Xander, Willow/Tara and implied Buffy/Angel. Eventually will have a Triad with Spike/Xander/OFC(Sholan). X-Over with the Sholan Alliance. Spike and the gang help Xander through rough times after he was captured by the Initiative.
Action/Adventure / Drama. Rated R for slash, violence and language. Spike/Xander and Willow/Tara. Set in Seas. 6. Willow's spell goes wrong and it blasts the boys back in time to the Roman empire, where they are sold as slaves and trained as gladiators, fighting for freedom and to get back home.
Angst/Romance. Rated PG-13 for language. Spike/Xander. SPOILERS FOR DIRTY GIRLS!! Spike waits for Xander to wake up after the battle with Caleb.
Drabble/Romance. Rated PG. Spike/Xander. Spike pays Xander a midnight visit a few weeks after the battle in the vineyard.
Darkness and Light Series:
Angst/Romance. Rated R for slash. James Marsters/Nick Brendon. Nick descends into darkness after Tressa leaves him. Turning to James for support, the two of them find themselves in a situation they never thought they'd be in.
Humour/Romance. Rated R for language and slash. James Marsters/Nick Brendon. Second in Darkness and Light series. James has to deal with Kelly's shovel talk and Nick is forced to spend the day with Ghost of the Robot.

Disclaimer: Nope, don't own. See fics for more details.