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Solo's Fic...

What Happened to Make Things Different

By: Solo

One sunny morning a young man was walking in the park. He wasn't like you or me. He was a mutant. A human born with an extra gene that caused him to have extraordinary powers and sometimes caused them to have physical differences. He was forced to wear sunglasses to hide his eyes. They were red on black. He lived in a world that both feared and hated him. After living a life on the streets because of his eyes, he wished something could be done to ease the tension between the two groups. He didn't want everyone to suddenly become friends. He just wanted to be able to go outside without his sunglasses.

As he neared the lake in the middle of the park, he noticed that the air near the lake looked kind of fuzzy in one area. He looked around to see if there were any other mutants around. When he couldn't see any, he stepped closer. Then something came flying out of thin air.

"Why did you have to touch that, Duo?" asked a young boy with shaggy brown hair.

"I didn't mean to," replied a boy with a long brown braid that fell past his waist. The third boy whose dark hair was pulled away from his face, remained silent.

The man just stared at the three boys. They turned around and noticed him looking at them.

"Who are you?" asked the man.

"My name is Heero Yuy," the brown haired boy replied.

"Duo Maxwell, I may run and hide, but I never tell a lie," said the braided one.

"My name is Chang Wufei," the dark haired boy said.

"Don't sound so excited, 'Fei," Duo said. Wufei just scrawled at him.

"'m Remy. Where did ya come from? Or did ya jus' fall from de sky?" the young man said.

"Wait. Where are we first and why are you wearing sunglasses when it is cloudy out?" asked Duo

"Ya are in New York City. It's de year 2002," Remy answered, choosing to ignore the second question. "Why don' ya come wit' me, it could be dangerous for ya to be wondering 'round."

Duo glanced at Heero, who looked at Wufei. Wufei nodded and they followed Remy to a parked van. Remy had a strange feeling that morning and decided to drive the van around, instead of taking the motorcycle that he normally rode. As they neared a tree, a strange thing happened. Something went pop and four bodies fell from the sky. One of them landed on Remy knocking off his glasses. Two of them were of normal height, one had dark hair while the other's was blond. The blond's ears were pointed at the ends. The other two were about half the height of the average man. They both had oversized hairy feet. The blond one had landed on Remy.

"Arg. Today 's not m' day," Remy said as he helped the blond one up. The blond looked into his eyes.


'Legolas calm down. There is no need to show your weaknesses,' the dark haired man said in a language that Remy couldn't identify.

'Sorry, I couldn't help it. His eyes show evil, yet his soul does not,' the blond replied.

"Ah, don' want t' break in on a moment, but who are ya? Do ya even understan' me? And what are these little ones and what is the blond?"

"I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn," the dark haired man said.

"I am Legolas, I am an elf," the blond said.

"Merry Brandybuck and this is Pippin Took, we are Hobbits and what might you be?"

"'M Remy. Now let me get m' glasses on b'fore anyone sees. Remy will explain ev'rything when we get to de house."

While they were walking to the van, Remy hurried to put on his sunglasses but was too late. A passerby saw his eyes and turned hostile.

"You shouldn't be allowed to live, you mutant scum," the passerby said.

"'M sorry ya feel dat way," Remy replied.

"All mutants should be sent into space and be blown up. You are a threat to society, our children are not safe," the passerby turned to the shocked group of time travelers,"You shouldn't be hanging around Demon Eyes. Come and let the Friends of Humanity show you the truth. We meet on Tuesdays." And with that he walked off.

"You're just going to let him go, after he said that to you?" Duo asked.

"Not'ing I kin do, mon ami, he got all de power, for now," Remy said as they approached the van. He looked at the awestricken foursome that had obviously arrived from the past,"Don't stare. Get in and I will tell you all about the wold today."


At the X-Mansion


"....she was twenty years old. In other news the Friends of Humanity will be holding another rally tomorrow...."

Remy turned to see the two Hobbits, elf and the human, Aragorn, staring at the television screen. They had been fascinated with almost everything that they had seen. The three from the future were disappointed with the technology but still they were sitting in front of the television. The mansion had been empty except for the professor and Iceman, Bobby Drake. The others had been called away for a while. Secretly Remy was glad to not have them there.

'Why do the Friends hate mutants so much, yet not know them. They must really be stupid. Maybe they should be the ones blown up.'

'Legolas, this is really not our problem, but I agree,' Aragorn said as Bobby walked in the room. Bobby had been fascinated with the strange language that sounded so musical and soothing. Bobby shook his head. He really needed to get something to eat. As he exited, Merry and Pippin exited, too.


A few hours had passed and the crew was getting ready to eat. All of a sudden, the two Hobbits came running in holding a can. They ran through the kitchen and stopped when they got to Remy.

"Remy look at what we found in the upstairs closet. It says that it is Tolerance In A Can," Pippin said.

Duo looked puzzled,"What were you doing in a closet? Did you get lost or something?"

"No, actually we, no I, we, um, yeah we did get lost," Merry said, and Pippin nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, um, dat can holds somet'ing dat can change how people t'ink 'bout ot'ers. You're supposed t' pour some of de contents into the water supply. Dat's why we never used it."

"So, can we use it. I mean it would help your situation greatly. So, can we?" asked Duo, who got a look from Wufei.

"Duo, you would be putting an unknown substance into a public drinking supply. It wouldn't be right to do that. For all you know, that can could be holding a poisonous substance," Wufei said.

Bobby looked up from where he had been making a sandwich. He had been hearing the plans of the visitors that wanted to help make their lives easier. The were intending to dump the stuff in the water no matter what anyone said. "I think it is time for change," Bobby said.

"Ok, we move tonight," Heero said.


"Ok, there are two reservoir so we will split into two teams," Bobby said,"I will head one and Remy will head the other. On mine will be the Hobbits, Wufei and Duo. The rest are with Remy. Only one of you on each team will dump the substance that we have divided in half. The rest will stand watch. Any questions? No? Good. Let's get going."


Bobby's Team


"Ok, so, we whistle if we see anything, right?" Pippin asked.


Bobby sent an ice slide over the fence an was on the other side very quickly. He then ran off to the water supply. Once there he opened the container that contained the substance and poured it in. As soon as he was finished, there was a sharp whistle. Iceman was over the fence and the others were hightailing it out of there. Once they were safe, Bobby suggested that they go back to the mansion and he would show them how to use the computer. The Hobbits agreed and Duo and Wufei decided to go back and sleep. Bobby wondered how Remy was doing.


Remy's Team


Remy had a much harder time getting into his facility. They had built a shelter over the supply to keep intruders out. It did pose as a small problem but it was no problem for Remy. He could sneak into any building possible, plus he was an expert at picking locks. Once he was over the gate, he made his way over to the door. As he expected the door was locked. He easily unlocked the door with the lockpick that he carried with him. Once in he emptied the container he quickly ran out and was back on the other side of the gate. The rest of his team caught up with them and the headed back to the mansion.


The Next Day-

"..........Two of the cities water reserves were broken into last night........."

The group was assembled in the den. Merry and Pippin were showing Aragorn and Legolas how to access the internet. The rest of them were watching the news. The travelers decided that hey weren't going to try to get home. They were content where they were. Then an announcement came on and they all stopped what they were doing.

"..In other news the anti-mutant group The Friends of Humanity have now officially disbanded...."

The End