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Meiran's fic...

As They Come

Meiran: This was written in response to a fic challenge by Hikaru on the I sat there and wrote it right in the "Post Message" box! So this has absolutely no forethought. What with this and "Sunset," I think my writing is developing a Nature-Is-Beautiful motif. Hee. ^_^ Enjoy and please tell me what you think!


The only thing that can compete with the sunset is the sunrise, and I can never quite decide whether I like one better than the other. They differ in subtle ways; one gives way to darkness, the other light, but that doesn't influence their beauty in the slightest way. I love watching the sun set and rise; no one can ever, ever take that right away from me. The right to sit down on dewy grass and feel a cool wind brush past me, and just watch nature's majesty unfold before my eyes... for a little while I forget about war, and feel a gentle completion fill my soul.

Right now I'm watching the sun rise. It begins easily, almost sneakily, with a pink edging slowly bleeding into the clouds. It rises higher and now the sky seems to be overflowing with soft pink and gold. Everything is covered in that same calm, quiet light; the light of early morning; nothing can go wrong now, nothing dares to. It is quiet; commuters have not yet begun their daily trek back and forth. Even tucked up here in this short repreive from battle, usually you can still hear the whine of civilization. But not now. No one's up this early except me.

I don't mind this. I'm used to being alone, and the feeling's a comfort to me now, no longer a hindrance. I adapt; I'm a creature that adapts. I'm human, after all, and that's what we humans are famous for. There's only one thing nagging at my mind now - the one person that could make my world, right here and now, an utter nirvana.

I wouldn't want to wake him and disturb his peaceful dreams. I know that today they're peaceful; I've made a near science of the subtleties of his expression. I can tell whether he's upset and putting on a cheerful face for us - for me - or whether he's truly happy. Always when I wake up for my sojourn out here - my body clocks itself - I make certain that my angel sleeps well. Today his face was calm in the light of the very early morning.

I never wake him up - how could I disturb his quiet sleep with a request for companionship? When he's awake it's different, but I don't want to bother him so early. It's also, I guess, a little selfishness on my part: I'm not used to telling anyone about my fascination with sunrise and sunset. I'm a secretive person by nature, and though I've never regretted my open relationship with him, there are some things about me which he has to find out on his own.

I sigh deeply, a sigh of contentedness tinged with a quiet regret.

About then, I hear footsteps approaching me. Immediately I freeze.

A voice laughs, the music of a playful stream. "Trowa, calm down. I'm sorry if I bothered you."

My back to the stranger, my eyes widen. The voice... he knows about this place?

"Quatre?" I ask hesitantly, turn around.

Sure enough, he's standing there, dressed in a long, simple, loose-fitting white shirt and pants of the same material, a small smile on his angelic face. "Am I bothering you? I'm sorry," he says again, a bit of doubt filtering into his expression.

I shake my head. "Don't worry about it..."

"Anou... can I, um, sit?"

I nod. "Sure."

Quatre sits down next to me, pulling his knees up quietly, and I can sense his hesitation. He feels as if he's still bothering me; as if he's interrupted something special. He's feeling a bit of regretfulness. No, Quatre, I think to myself, you've got it all wrong! His sweet pink lips part to say something -

"I'm glad you came," I say. "The sunrise is beautiful."

His face breaks into a lovely, surprised yet genuine smile. "Are you really?"

"Of course," I reply, and enboldened by this early morning's fragile beauty, place an arm around his slim shoulders. I feel him relax immediately, and he sighs gently and lets his head slip onto my shoulder, warm blue eyes sleepily closing. I touch his smooth cheek with one lean finger. His warmth, the feel and slight weight of his body, seeps into me.

It's because of him that at last, I can take my days as they come, without worrying overmuch for the future or mulling too much over the past. I kiss my little one's forehead gently, and we sit together, watching the sun rise.