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Title: Spoils of War

Author: Dragonmaster

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Angst/Romance

Pairing: Spike/Xander

Spoilers: Season 7's 'Dirty Girls'

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Warnings: Spoilers, slash, language.

Disclaimer: Joss owns all. ::sniff:: Poor X-man

Summary: Spike waits for Xander to wake after the battle with Caleb.

Spoils of War

by: Dragonmaster

I'm going to kill that bastard. He touched what was mine, and I'm going to kill him, soul or no soul.

The funeral for Molly is tonight; Buffy said that I didn't have to go. I think she always knew that I loved him, so she let me stay with him. Red says that he'll wake up soon, that he'll be okay. I just don't want him to be alone, and wake up in pain. At least I stopped the son of a bitch preacher from getting the other eye.

I reach out and run my hand along his cheek, noticing just how pale he is. My beautiful boy. I smile slightly as I remember him tying me to chair and stating that he was "moist and delicious." A real nummy treat, he is.

The doctors came in earlier, told me that he had indeed lost the eye, and would have an eyepatch for the rest of his life. Right now, I just want to see him open his good eye; I need to see warmth and laughter in the auburn depths.

His hand suddenly stirs in mine, his heartbeat becoming faster as he wakes. As he goes to open his eye, he hisses in pain, obviously trying to open the missing one. Finally, he notices me.

"Spike?" His voice is deep and raspy, like he hasn't had anything to drink in days.

"I'm here, pet," I whisper, cupping his cheek in my hand. "How're you feeling?"

"Like shit."


He pauses. "Spike?"

"Yes, luv?"

"How come I can't see out of my left eye?"

I fight back the tears. He doesn't remember what happened. "It's gone, Xander," I say, stroking his cheek.

He just looks at me for a moment, leaning into my touch. "Spike?" he asks again.


"Could you kiss me?"

I smile. "Of course, luv. We're in this together."

And I kiss him.