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Kura's Fic...

Author: Kura
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas, Aragorn/Arwen
Rating: PG
Archive: Ask me first.
Disclaimer: Not mine. If I were making money from this
would I be working full time in a fast food
Summary: A short poem showing Aragorn's troubled
thoughts on two very different, yet equally important

by Kura

All the survival skills known to man, elf, and dwarf
combined could not have prepared me for this.
My heart, something I do not give freely, is divided.
To love someone is to love them completely and
Why should this cause me such inner turmoil?
I love two elves, more than I ever thought I could
love a person let alone two.
One a beautiful Elven maiden with dazzling blue eyes
as deep as the sea.
She is more fair than any sunrise and her beauty never
fails to take my breath away.
The other is a lithe Elven prince with flowing blonde
He is forbidden fruit, but I long for a taste.
I love them both so much my heart aches.
I know that I cannot bear this much longer.
I pray I won't have to.
The ideal solution would be to have them both,
but that will elude me forever.
My heart will remain divided.
I will love Arwen as I have always done, but Legolas I
will only love from afar.
He will never know and that is how it shall remain.
And forever will I be torn.