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My fic...

Title: Before The Storm

Author: Dragonmaster

Rating: PG

Genre: Drabble/Romance. Or Romantic Drabble, if that's what you prefer.

Pairing: Spike/Xander. Come on people. What else would I write?

Feedback: I'll be your best friend...

Distribution: Eternally Yours, Wolfwing's Site. Anyone else, ask first.

Spoilers: Erm... BtVS Seas 7. Mainly up to and including Dirty Girls.

Disclaimer: I tried to buy them off of E-Bay, but it didn't work.

Summary: Spike pays Xander a midnight visit a few weeks after the fight in the vineyard.

Before The Storm

By: Dragonmaster

Being able to see a loved one everyday, yet not being able to touch or speak to them is like dying a slow, painful death. Seeing him injured and not being able to do anything is a pain worse than death.

Buffy suspects something, but I'm not sure if she's caught on yet. She looks up as I walk up from her basement, her soft hazel eyes meeting my own as I head for the door. She frowns slightly and studies me intently, her unvoiced question easily apparent in her eyes. I smile weakly and nod before stepping out into the moonlight.

I drive through the nearly deserted town. It won't be long until we're the only ones left. Just our pitiful little army against a horde of Ubervamps the size of the Queen's navy.

I receive a few odd look from fleeing Sunnydale citizens as I pull into the parking lot and shut down my bike. Ignoring the onlookers, I walk into the apartment building and into the elevator, duster swirling around my ankles.

Reaching the apartment, I dig around in my pocket for my key. I kept that key with me even through Africa and my schizo sessions in the basement. It was a constant reminder that I had someone who cared about me; that I had someone and somewhere to come home to.

I walk in, making sure to be silent and not wake the Potentials that were scattered throughout the living room. One of them, a young French girl, wearily opens one eye and stares at me. I give her a faint smile and head for the bedroom.

As I open the door, I catch sight of my lover stretched out across the bed, the moonlight highlighting his features perfectly. As if sensing my presence, he lifts his dark, sleep-tousled head and looks sleepily in my direction. I move over more toward his right side, allowing him to see me better.



He sits up, rubbing sleep out of his single eye. "I didn't think you'd come back," the dark-haired man says quietly.

I shrug out of my duster, letting it and my shirt fall to the floor. "Why do you think I saved you from that bloody priest?" He looks away.

I hesitate, not sure whether I should stay. Finally, he gives me his famed lopsided smile and holds out his arms. With a broad grin, I leap into my lover's arms, kissing him fiercely. I had missed this; missed Xander's taste; missed his strong arms around me; missed his scent and his very presence.

"I love you, Spike," he whispers as we part. I roll over to his left side, brushing my lips just above the empty eye socket, simultaneously feeling his arm wrap around my waist.

"Love you too, Xan. You're mine. Forever mine."

This is why I returned, I remind myself. This is what keeps me sane.